Our History

In 1860 Albert Mattison moved his family from their sheep farm in Vermont to Altmar, New York. Albert and his wife Hannah purchased 145 acres from Albert’s brother Charles, who had preceded Albert to Altmar. Albert continued to run Charles’ dairy operation and grew crops to feed his dairy. Albert and Hannah had 3 children Samuel, John, and Sofia.

Albert’s son, Samuel returned to the farm to work with his father after finishing school. At that time, they had 20 milk cows along with youngstock. In 1880 Samuel married Alice Richardson from Pulaski. Samuel and Alice maintained the farm and purchased an additional 50-acre woodlot that adjoined the farm. They had 2 sons, Albert and George. Albert died in 1917 in a flu epidemic.

George grew up on the farm, went to college and then went to work for General Electric Co. Soon after, he decided that was not for him and returned to the farm to work with his father. George married Anna Obrist, a schoolteacher from Altmar, in 1912. They had 5 children Samuel, Francis, Alice, Albert, and Richard. George added about 300 acres to the farm when he purchased the farms of 2 neighbors. George passed away while his children were still in school. Anna and her children were able to keep the farm. Richard died in a motorcycle accident in 1943. Albert remained on George and Anna’s farm. Samuel was then deeded what is now known as Mattland Farms by his grandfather, Samuel.

Young Samuel married Irma Pratt from Altmar and they had 4 children, George, Jean, Mary and Arthur. Samuel continued to enlarge and reorganize the farm. In 1949 he purchased the 150-acre farm across the road, keeping the house but tearing down the barn. Samuel and Irma then lived in that house with their family. In 1955 he added to the main barn, increasing its capacity to 60 cows. In 1960 he purchased another 97 acres.

Arthur attended SUNY Morrisville, meeting his future wife from Buffalo, Susan Roesch. They were married in 1963 and returned to the farm in 1965. Samuel and Arthur formed a partnership and operated the farm together until Samuel retired in 1979. During that time, they added a milking parlor, built a new free-stall barn and expanded their herd to 120 cows. Arthur and Sue had 5 children Michele, Mark, Melinda, Marylynn and Matthew.

Arthur and Sue’s son, Mark, is the current owner of Mattland Farms with his wife, Angela.  They live on the original farm that was purchased by Albert Mattison in 1860 with their two daughters, Abagail and Mikayla.

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