About Us

Mark and Angela Mattison are the owners of Mattland Farms. Mark is a 6th generation farmer. He grew up working alongside his father and grandfather on Mattland Farms, which was a dairy farm at that time. Upon graduating from SUNY Canton in 1988, he returned to the farm to continue working with them. Mark married Angela Christmas in 1996. They put a new house on property just up the road from theĀ farm. They have 2 daughters, Abagail and Mikayla.

Mark and his father Arthur sold the dairy cows in 2001. They kept the farm, producing hay to sell and also got jobs off of the farm to help support their families. Throughout that time they began raising grass-fed beef and natural pork.

In 2008, Mark and Angela purchased the farm from Mark’s parents. At that time, they also traded houses with them. Mark and his family now live on the original farm that was purchased by Albert Mattison in 1860.

Today Mark is working on the farm full-time. Angela works off of the farm and is also the bookkeeper and marketing managerĀ for the farm. They both feel very blessed to be raising their family on their farm. They now raise grass-fed beef, natural pork and pastured-chicken with a focus on being kind to the land through farming so that generations to come may also benefit from the farm.

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